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About Us

About Company

Company Islamic rely on the latest scientific and technological techniques Human resources, and that has made our company one of the few pioneers of the paper industry as in Egypt and the Middle East , That is why we have the standard for the paper industry standards and that everyone is trying to reach them , And are proud to be the company's Islamist Egyptian company managed in the hands and minds and resources Egyptian eligible at the highest levels of modern technology .

What we offer to customers ?

The company is characterized by the quality of the product and the development of performance to satisfy customers .

The company is committed to contracts concluded for clients and excel quickly deliver the product as agreed .
What most distinguishes the company's commitment to agreed deadlines and quantities required and the quality of the product.

Who are we?

  • Mission

    Production of sheet Floating and Craft liner and test liner

    Upgrading products so that they become sick to their clients. Commitment to continuous improvement of the requirements that help to raise The efficiency of the quality system .

    Get a quality management system certification with Periodic review of the quality system .

    Periodic review of policy and quality objectives to ensure the continuation of Relevance to the objectives of the company.

    Meet customer requirements of all the company's products in order to acquire the desired quality and satisfaction with the conviction and meet part of the needs of the market .

    Improve the working environment and the development of equipment and modernization of the techniques used in the production work on a regular basis .

    And maintain a successful increase profit margins , including does not affect the quality of the products . Continuous improvement of competencies and skills of workers Through training programs.
  • Vision

    We want to be one of the fastest growing companies , and we are working on the development of shareholders' money and increase productivity and develop the company in line with international standards in the paper industry .
  • Strategy and planning

    We are in the company of the Islamic paper industry believe that excellence and competitiveness require to develop the strategic thought of the iconic renewed ... In this sense , we believe that the development of this thought of a company is one of the most difficult things he needs to change in the administrative culture of the company , but the need has become urgent to bring about this change, especially since the future of competition in the market growing fiercer by the day .

    The company is based in its vision to achieve a quantum leap in the concept paper industry and converted from the traditional path to the real role , which would contribute in providing all means of success differing economic and social activities in Egypt, where based its strategy on comparative advantage and its economic growth and demand large gap in the paper industry and the availability of liquidity.

    The major challenges faced by the industrial sector in Egypt is the availability of the product at affordable prices , planning and study costs, all of which represent a big challenge , especially in light industrial expansion in Egypt.

    To meet those challenges and to achieve the company's strategy , we are currently working on the construction of administrative and technical high-level financial system and strengthen the human capacity distinctive young and building environment systems and world-class work , as well as benefit from the global expertise to develop giant projects achieve the required change and reflect the company's vision and new strategy.

What about team work?

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